Casino Industry in Australia

The Revolution of Casino Industry in Australia at a Glance

Gambling in Australia is an activity that’s been enjoyed for centuries and from betting on the spin of a Roulette wheel, a hand of cards or the outcome of a cricket match, those Down Under have always favoured wagering games. The sheer number of online casino Australia players is testament to the continents love of gambling and you’ll find players from Perth to Brisbane, Sydney to the Outback all love being able to gamble in a digital environment.

The Start of Gambling in Oz

In 1973 the first legal land based casino opened in Tasmania. The Wrest Point Hotel Casino had been trying for many years to obtain a license and was finally granted one in February. Although this casino was the first land-based establishment that was legal it was by no means the first establishment that had facilitated gambling.

When European settlers arrived in Australia many years before, they brought with them all manner of gambling games. Today, many of these games can be enjoyed at online casino Australia sites and have remained popular throughout many changes and technological advancements. Roulette, Blackjack and an assortment of other table games were often enjoyed in the back rooms of bars or saloons and there were pokies games placed on the edges of bar counters or in brothels.

Increase in Casinos

After the opening of the Wrest Point Hotel Casino a number of other casinos were issued licenses and there were more than a dozen establishments spread out across Australia. Different parts of Australia had different laws pertaining to gambling and depending on the territory or government, certain activities were allowed or disallowed. In the Aboriginal areas gambling had always been rife, and took on many forms and these local people also have a firmly entrenched history in wagering, winning and losing.

Casinos Go Online

By the mid 1990’s the first online casinos had been established and players who had access to an Internet connection and computer were enjoying pokies, table games and other forms of wagering online. Online casino Australia sites soon became incredibly popular and as technology improved and an increasing number of players had access to the Internet, digital gaming grew exponentially spreading worldwide.

Online gaming is wholly legal Down Under and the only rules that are enforced are those that pertain to the online casino Australia operators. Players can enjoy hassle-free, legal gaming online and not have to worry about prosecution or falling foul of the law.

Internet sites also offer players many advantages and there’s no need to leave the house to enjoy pokies, table games, instant win entertainment and so much more. Online casino revolutionised the gambling industry and in many cases took players away from the land based venues and let them enjoy all that was on offer from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Mobile Casinos

Of course the next chapter in the online casino Australia history is that of mobile gaming. In the early years of the new millennium mobile casinos games started to become available, but it was only when technology made some giant leaps forward and smartphones and tablets such as the iPad hit the market that the games really came to the fore. Now, the future of online gambling looks mobile and players at have even more opportunities to enjoy the games they love, any time, anywhere.