NFL Betting Tips

Get the NFL Betting Tips to Place Wagers Online

The NFL or National Football League has punters from Canada and all over the globe, glued to their seats. With a whopping thirty-two teams in the American Football League, split evenly between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference, punters from Canada have access to a host of heart stopping action, flooding the NFL betting realm.

All of the fixtures between the two conferences culminate in one grand spectacle known as the Super Bowl, where all the focus is on the top two teams in the competition. Punters from Canada seeking premium NFL betting tips will be delighted by the following, which will provide you with the ultimate in NFL betting tips for an epic NFL betting experience.

Analysing the Odds

Canadian punters are fortunate in that they enjoy full access to a host of various NFL betting markets and providers. With a diverse spread of NFL betting markets and provider options available, NFL wagering can be daunting for new punters eager to make the best of NFL bets.

The following NFL betting tips are perfectly optimized for new punters from Canada in quest of quick start NFL betting action and should bet treated as a rough guide to betting on the NFL.

Keep Your Play Simple

By keeping your playing style simple and consistent you negate potential threats and weaknesses in your betting strategy. Punters from Canada should follow a formula with minimal risk that has been proven to work consistently in NFL sports bets.

One of the best NFL betting tips for any player in quest of NFL betting glory is the standard set of NFL bet types which have been proven to be the most effective in all NFL betting markets.

The most common NFL bets include loud standard straight up NFL bets, against the spread NFL bets, over/under NFL bets and NFL money line bets.

NFL Spread Bets

NFL Spread Bets

NFL spread bets are amongst the most popular NFL bets in the market. Also known as handicap NFL betting on the apps like at, spread betting is easy and straightforward to understand from the starting whistle. Punters in quest of top NFL betting tips should consider the spread bet as a standard option in their NFL betting strategy.

The handicap bet is purely prediction-based bet, on the point’s difference in the upcoming game. Here punters must predict whether or not their chosen team will win or loose within the outlined amount of points predicted. This type of bet requires a bit more research and strategy but can be really interesting to call.

Over / Under Bets

Handicap bets allow for some experimental play. Here punters must say whether the NFL game will end higher or lower than the total number of points posted by the bookmaker. For example a bookmaker might have a total of forty-five points on Texas versus New York. In the over / under bet you simply need to say whether the total number of points in the game will be higher or lower.

Punters seeking a top betting tip on over / under NFL bets should consider each team from a holistic standpoint.  Assess the teams potential and track record to score the amount of points set and the same for the opposing team in order to call a valuable bet.

NFL Money Lines Betting

Money line bets are one of the best NFL bets available. These bets are simple straight out bets with a twist. In money lines punters receive odds on the favourites as well as the underdogs. Simply make a call on who will win the match to play a money line bet.

These bets work like any outright sports bet. Punters from Canada seeking top NFL betting tips on money lines should consider researching the value in the wager in order to find success in this market.