The ICC World Cup Online Betting

The ICC World Cup at a Glance for Online Betting Enthusiasts

The ICC World Cup, or ICC Cricket World Cup, is the largest cricket based event in the world. Although cricket as a spot has been played the longest of almost any modern sports, going back as far as the mid 1800s, the tournament events held were generally focused around a specific region, and did not include teams on a global scale.

It was not until as late as the 1970s that an official cricket world cup was formed, which quickly became popular on a global scale.

Cricket has many countries involved that play at an exceptional level, and is considered to be one of the most widely popular sports, second only to football. With exceptional talent seen in India, England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, there is hardly a region of the world that does not have a vested interest in the sport. The United States is one of the few countries that does not make a showing in the ICC World Cup, given that Americans prefer baseball. There is still, however, a massive fan base in the United States that supports the game.

Cricket History

Cricket has a long and fairly intricate history. It was originally thought of as a strictly English sport, played only in the United Kingdom. Games were played over a number of days, and players wore only official cricket whites in official games. As the sport grew in popularity across the world, notably in eastern countries over the 1960s, the sport saw some major changes. Not only were other countries officially competing, but there was a marked change in how the game was played, and how it was presented.

The one day cricket matches only came about in the 60s, and it was all but a revolution for the sport. The much quicker matches were incredibly fast paced and exciting, in comparison to the much slower games played over many days. In the 1970s the idea of colourful uniforms for players was also introduced, which changed the way in which the sport was seen. Today cricket is an incredibly popular game with participating countries spanning the globe. It is estimated that there are more cricket players than almost any other sport, with fans of every race and creed enjoying the game.

Cricket History

ICC World Cup Betting

The ICC World Cup is a very commonly bet on sporting event. When the ICC World Cup is held, the majority of online bookmakers like at will offer betting options. The favourite teams to win include Australia and India, who have won more times than any other country.

As a result these teams will generally be given the lowest odds, meaning that they offer the lowest payouts. As is common in sports betting, the most likely to win teams are considered the least risky bet, and so offer the lowest payout amounts. The underdog teams will always have the highest odds, and so will offer the best payouts. It is highly recommended that bet makers take a close look at competing teams to determine who is the most likely to win, and which the safest bets are.