Atomic Fruit Online Slot

Have a Look at Atomic Fruit Online Slot

Atomic Fruit is an online slot game that was developed by OpenBet. The online slot game has an unusual set up of four reels and four positions on every reel. Each position has a pod with four symbols. In order to make a winning combination on a winning pay line the pods to need to have as many similar or identical symbols as possible. It only takes one identical symbol per pod on a winning pay line to pay out. There are over 200 possible combinations that may form on one winning pay line with varying degrees of pay outs that are paid according to the slot game’s pay table.

The various symbols seen in the Atomic Fruit pods are reminiscent of classic slot games and include a triple bar; a plum; watermelon; cherries; grapes; lemons; bells; blue sevens and the seven jackpot symbols. The symbols are 3D and take up the entire left side of the screen. The right side of the screen is where all of the function buttons and relevant information of the game is found. This is a chain reaction online slot game with a fruit theme and the music heard is fast and upbeat.

Getting Started with Atomic Fruit

Atomic Fruit online slot is said to have ten fixed pay lines but there are in fact 2560 ways to win. Ten coins are however needed for each and every spin but they may vary in value. The values of the coins range from as little as 0.01 and go up to the maximum value of 25.00. With the maximum bet per spin being a value of 250 the biggest pay out prize ends up being 256 000 coins. An auto play option is available which can have the reels spin faster by setting them to spin automatically for a predetermined number of times.

There is an Atomic Fruit progressive jackpot available only for real money play which is visible at the top right corner of the screen. This amount is won by having four of the seven jackpot symbols.

Playing Atomic Fruit Slot

Atomic Fruit Chain Reaction Feature

Like pokies bonuses available at, the chain reaction feature of Atomic Fruit is the only bonus feature of this online slots game. Each symbol within a pod is circled with a colour border. Each pod matches in colour but if a minimum of seven of the pods with the same colour bordering its symbols appear next to each other either horizontally or vertically, the chain reaction feature is triggered.

The matching pods will then award a prize before exploding and disappearing. Once the pods have disappeared the pods from above will drop down to fill up the positions. At this point new winning combinations may be formed on the Atomic Fruit reels.

The prizes range in multipliers with the maximum of sixteen pods in a reaction paying out the most amount of 1 000x. The multipliers decrease with less reaction pods in a row with fifteen paying a 500x multiplier, fourteen paying a 200x multiplier and thirteen paying a 100x multiplier. These multiplier amounts continue to decrease until the minimum of a 3x multiplier for seven reaction pods.