Common Sports Bets

Common Sports Bets at a Glance for Punters

In recent times, with our rapidly developing technology, sports betting, and sportsbooks, have enjoyed a tremendous surge in popularity. Every day more and more people are seeking to join in on the action, hoping to win big. However, the sheer number of choices and betting options offered by sportsbooks, and the risk of making mistakes and losing money, can be a bit overwhelming for those new to sports betting.

Rest easy though, because here is a few of the most common and popular betting types suitable for beginners.

Head-to-Head AKA Moneyline Bets

This bet goes by a few names, e.g. the “head-to-head”, “moneyline”, “outright”, or “win” bet. It is the most basic and easy kind of bet you can make, which is to simply bet on the winner. After that, none of the specifics of the game matter. All you need is for your team to win.

Now, of, course, if the team you plan to bet on has the odds stacked against them, there is no bet you can make that will change that. Sure, with the greater risk, you might be lucky and win big. However, if they lose, you lose too. Unless however, you happen to bet on them losing, which is also an option. Sacrificing loyalty for the sake of your bankroll may be something you thank yourself for later, especially if you bet on a regular basis.

Everything that comes after this basic bet is slightly more complicated, though still suited to beginners.

Totals AKA Over-Under Bets

The “totals” or “over-under” bet is a dynamic betting type that allows the bettor to wager on a specific aspect of the game, be it a score, a player’s runs, or some other statistical value that may occur during or after play.  The sportsbooks will have their prediction set, and the bettor will have to wager on whether the final outcome will be “over” or “under” their prediction, with odds provided for each.

Though this may seem trickier, in essence it is very much like the head-to-head bet in that its also basically a “for or against” wager.

Of course, you will need to have a decent knowledge of whatever aspect of the sport you are betting on though like the intelligent punters of the FIFA World Cup wagering.

Over-Under Sports Wagers

FPoint Spread Bets

With this bet, the sportbooks will assign, or “spread”, a certain number of points, like the totals bet, over various aspects of the game. In this bet, however, the points may alter during the game in the events of injuries or stoppages, etc., making it somewhat harder to predict.

Still, it is also a basic choice. Either bet on, or against the point spread.

Betting Tip Sites

Otherwise, there are a large number of betting tip sites available online, where you can in employ the advice of experts, for a fee. This can be a great way to learn more advanced betting strategy, but be warned, many such sites can be unreliable, ineffective, or even scams. Be sure to thoroughly check their credentials and profit-win record before paying anything.