Learning About Fire Opals Online Slot

The graphics, however, do not live up to the professionalism of the music, and the images seem slightly misplaced and lacking in detail. Either way, the aspect of the game that stands out most is the layout of the play area. The vast majority of slot games have five reels with equal rows, but Fire Opals has opted instead to use a play area that is not a square grid, but rather a staggered shape with less available positions. This may seem counterintuitive, since a slot player needs as many positions as possible to create matching sequences. But this is the nature of a new system called MultiWay Xtra.

MultiWay Xtra System

This new system, used by the Fire Opals slot game, takes a bit of getting used to. The core of the system allows for unique ways in which matching sequences are created, different from similar Australian slots, but intriguing in design and intuitive once it is understood. Any adjacent symbols will payout, as would be expected.

The difference is that wins are also multiplied if the same symbol appears above or below the sequence. Hence, if three jacks are matched in a row, and another jack appears above this sequence, the payout is the standard sum for three jacks, plus a multiplier of two. It is recommended to give the MultiWay Xtra system a try before dismissing it, as it may spell a new wave of slot game designs in the near future.

Play Symbols Explained

The symbol designs of Fire Opals are a bit scattered, with little coherence between one design and another. The game itself, however, still makes sense, even if one cannot explain the connection between a flower and a volcano.

The highest value symbol in the game is a fiery beautiful woman, who will give a substantial payout if matched with herself the maximum of five times. The lowest value symbols are the traditional card numbers, including jack, queen and king. There are also two bonus feature symbols, a scatter symbol and a wild symbol, which help the player rake in the money when lucky enough to land them in a matching sequence.

Fire Opals is a Australian real money slots game created by IGT. The game has an exceptional soundtrack with immersive interactive music, making the player feel as if each spin of the reels is progressing a beautiful relaxing melody. Stop spinning and the music fades, making it seem like keeping the reels in motion is essential for the mood of the game.

Fire Opal Bonuses

The scatter symbol, recognisable as stones with the written word scatter, may match three, four and five times. If matching five times a payout will be made one hundred times the value of the initial bet for that spin.

This can be an absolutely enormous payout, depending, of course, on if the player has been generous with the betting amount. Its an old trick to keep players betting high, but certainly one that will have pockets jingling if the gamble pays off. Look out also for the wild symbol in Fire Opals, it’s a slot game players best friend for obvious reasons.