The Tour de France Online Betting

The Tour de France Online Betting Guide

The Tour De France is one of the oldest cycling campaigns in tour history. Spinning into action from early in July and stretching throughout, the Tour De France has been held annually since 1903, with the exception of World War 1 and 2 where the race was postponed.

From humble beginnings as a way to raise awareness for a magazine called L’Auto, the Tour De France has gained immense popularity amongst sports enthusiasts around the globe. The cycle tour pushes athletes right to the edge over multiple stages coupled with the presence of time trial events.

Featuring an approximate 22 teams consisting of nine riders each, competing in the enduring challenge, the Tour De France abounds with lucrative wagering opportunities for aspiring sports punters at the best sports betting sites.

The Overall/ Yellow Jersey Winner

This is the most common type of wagering option. Place your chips on a single rider that you think will snatch victory in the Tour De France.

Green Jersey Winner

The green jersey goes to the fastest sprinter of the entire tour. If you have a hunch on speedy Gonzalez, place your wager and you could be rewarded handsomely.

Stage Betting

The Tour De France, similarly to a golfing major runs through multiple stages. You have the opportunity to lay wagers on individual phases of the cycle tour. This means head to head spin offs, where almost any outcome has stacked odds in numerous gainful favours.

The Tour de France Betting Tips

Useful Tips

The Tour De France is a gruelling cycle race with numerous outstanding riders. All participants have great odds in snatching the yellow jersey. The following tips are a helpful place to start for new Tour De France punters.

Implement Strategy

There’s nothing better than fantasy play when it comes to developing a strategy. The free play allows you to wager on the tour with no risk to your bankroll. This will provide you with a realistic experience and you will be able to see how odds and probability function first hand. A useful tool that can mitigate any upsets.

Watch for Consistency

Sprinters bask in the limelight for mere moments. Watch out for riders showing consistently good times, as these are the riders that will more often than not finish strong due to a healthy reserve of energy, that is prolonged through consistent riding throughout the tour.

Stage Rankings are a Formality

Many riders impress through various stages, beware of this formality. More often than not the serious riders realize that the long haul is far more important than claiming victory in every stage. Outfight winners have claimed victory in the Tour De France from one stage and time trial victory in the stage phase of the tour.

Selecting a Bookmaker

With a multitude of options available online, selecting a reputable Bookie has become increasingly challenging. Many sites offer returns on fruitless wagers and a bonus structure that allows for free wagering up to a specific token amount.

Sports enthusiasts looking to wager on the Tour De France should make use of forums, a nifty tool that is widely available.

Forums will provide you with other players’ experiences with a particular site. You should always do prior research before settling with a Bookie, many legitimate sites will be licensed and therefore obligated to display this information freely on the domain.